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Govan Originals are the most unique and distinctive shoes you will ever own.

It's taken me 5 years of hard work to bring these incredible shoes to market. It's a love story. With ups and downs and swings and roundabouts.

This is the story of an IT consultant who - quite bizarrely - fell in love with the passion and craft of an old-school artisan.

You know the type. A face crinkled with wisdom and hands gnarled with the expertise of grandfathers and fathers doing just one thing. Making shoes.

It shouldn't have happened like this. Not really.

I met him when I had to visit the factory where he worked to install their first ever IT system.

He had never used a computer and didn't own a mobile phone.

I spent a week working alongside him. I showed him what a computer was how it could make his job easier.

And he showed me how a lifetime of working with his hands could never be replaced.

The result is a shoe brand called Govan Originals. A design guided by generations of experience in crafting the most exquisite footwear. Textures and leathers hand-selected and obsessed over.

It shouldn't have happened like this. Not really. But I'm glad it did.

And so will you.

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